Throughout my software engineering career, I have worked in a variety of capacities from support, to administration, to development, to quality assurance. I have worked for both hardware (Apple Computer) and software companies (Pervasive Software/ Btrieve Technologies). Some of the start-ups I have worked for (SMART Technologies, WhisperWire and Lombardi) were acquired by much larger companies (i2, Convergys and IBM). 

Where am I now

Currently, I work as a Practice Leader in IBM Watson Health. This is a global role. My team is comprised of Architects, Clinicians and Data Scientists who assist with designing artificial intelligence solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences markets. Our efforts include scoping, estimation and costing that is ultimately used to drive pricing and contracting efforts. At the beginning of my career with IBM Watson, I led the first deployments, including custom EMR integrations, of our Watson for Oncology solution.

What I used to do

I used to be part of IBM’s Smarter Process organization, managing an organization comprised of engineers, architects and consultants in the Americas. So teams delivering solutions from Alaska/ Canada down to Argentina/ Chile. Most of my work was nicely spread between US, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. The products my team and I were experts in included:

  • IBM Business Process Manager
  • IBM Operational Decision Management
  • IBM Business Monitor
  • IBM Integration Bus
  • IBM Advanced Case Manager

My primary skills are on the BPM side of the house, including how to integrate IBM BPM with our rules/ events management system (i.e. ODM) and external subsystems using Integration Bus technologies (like Message Broker and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus). I have authored a number of articles related to my field of interest. Of which, the most widely downloaded and used by customers is:

Prior to joining Lombardi/ IBM, I worked as a Senior Manager for Convergys’s Core Development organization in Cambridge, UK. I was responsible for development and testing for the PowerSeller product. My team was also responsible for the Rating and Billing Template Care API, which is an EJB integration framework. I managed engineers in the US, the UK, and India. We followed an iterative methodology and were audited yearly for ISO 9001 and CMM Level 3 certification.

I have been leading engineering teams for the last fifteen years. I have worked in environments using Agile/ Scrum, RUP, Spiral, and Waterfall software development lifecycle methodologies. Coming from a technical background, I follow a hands-on management style with outward regular communication (both at the customer and at the executive level). I have programmed web and native operating system applications in Java, ObjectiveC, Object Pascal, PowerScript, Python and Visual Basic. The web technologies I have worked with are HTML, JavaScript, Active Server Pages, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, EJB, Corba and Web Services.

You can find more information about me via My LinkedIn Profile.