Big International Trip

22 Oct

While we have gone on quite a few road trips and domestic flights in the last 5 or so years, we have not traveled internationally. Susie was just not up for a 9+ hour long haul flight with significant time … Read More »

Grandpa Fred McCarthy

3 Jan

Just before New Years, my father-in-law (Fred McCarthy) passed away.  He was just shy of 95 years old.  Fred and Susie’s mom (Leora) married almost twenty years ago.  Our children have known him as their grandfather.  Fred and Leora have … Read More »

Almost there (70%)

20 Aug

Well we’ve sold the Alfa, dismantled Gabriel’s bed and are almost set for the movers next week.  My office is still a mess and we have a few things still to sell (Gumtree Cambridge): – Portable Air Conditioner – Samsung … Read More »

Midway through the second half

16 Aug

Well we’ve begun the transition from Cambridge to Austin.  Our house is under contract, movers are scheduled (25-AUG), Gabriel has crossed the Atlantic, and Susie/ Pearl will follow on the 24th of August.  So, next weekend is the last weekend … Read More »

Spain and Coming Home!

2 Jul

Well it is beginning of July and I have been remiss on updating everyone in regards to our recent travels and news.  To start with we are going through a lot of changes.  My employer has recently been acquired.  Through … Read More »

Bevo in Britain

2 Feb

As this morning is a bit odd, to say the least, this is going to be a strange posting.  To preface today’s oddity, the kids received iPod Touches for the winter holidays this year.  Therefore, Gabriel is no longer using … Read More »

Israel Defense Forces in Haiti

22 Jan

Susie and I have been following the terrible suffering in Haiti.  We can’t begin to imagine the pain and horrors the people there are experiencing.  They are just unbelievable.  Coupled with the immediate shock of the disaster, we have been … Read More »

Happy Holidays

20 Dec

This last month seems to have gone by with a whirl.  After Pearl’s ice skating extravaganza, we had company for Thanksgiving.  Our friends Wendy, Frank and Luke came from Germany for a long weekend.  We held the turkey day feast … Read More »

Happy Birthday Week

23 Nov

What an exciting week it was.  Pearl’s birthday happened middle of the week.  We surprised her by completely redoing her room (while she was at school).  Susie cleaned out all the clutter and I replaced the loft bed with a … Read More »

Cancer check-up and double-vision

6 Nov

Well our house has been a bit tense for the last month.  I know most folks would not know it from Susie going to Venice and us hosting our annual pumpkin carving party.  Nevertheless, Susie has been experiencing double-vision on … Read More »

Pumpkin Carving

1 Nov

We held our annual pumpkin carving gathering on Friday.  The weather cooperated (started raining after all the carving finished) and the house inside and outside was not overly crowded.  I think the proper term is ‘snug’.  The star of the … Read More »