About Us

Welcome to GreenObjects. We are not a company. GreenObjects is a domain which I (Guy Lipof) purchased to house information regarding my programming projects, family endeavors, and brain cancer treatment/ research. All main sections are accessible to public viewing. However, the website’s underlying data requires a valid username and password. If you would like access to the site’s data, please email me the section(s) you wish to access and why.

Moving abroad

We started out in Austin, TX, relocated for five years to Cambridge, UK and are now back in Austin. I graduated from the University of Texas. While going to school, I started working in the high tech industry. My career grew from being a software engineer/ web developer to managing development, quality assurance, and support teams. A little after WhisperWire (one of my past employers) was acquired by Convergys, we were relocated to Cambridge, UK. We saw a good bit of Europe between 2005 and 2010. Our kids kinda grew up there, though our eldest never picked up an accent. You can see information on our travels and photographs via my Back from Across the Pond Blog.

When we met

In the mid 90s, I met my wife (Susie Wilson). She was a custom black and white printer for Precision Camera and Video. She had returned to Austin, after living eight years in northern California. Susie has a fine arts degree in Photography. Her focus in life centers around family and the arts. Her family is originally from central Texas. Her Grandparents started Callahan’s General Store and Capitol Feed & Milling.

Where we are

We have two children. Their first year in Cambridge was hard. They missed their friends and family in Austin. Their second year was much easier. They adjusted to the weather and started making stronger bonds. They’ve enjoyed traveling to see new countries and experience different cultures and languages. Moving back was a bit of a surprise. Our eldest graduated with a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo and is currently working in Boston, MA. Our youngest was studying Biochemistry at Western Washington University. He took a break during the pandemic to work at a local hospital as a phlebotomist. He recently returned to continue his biochemistry studies, but at the University of Minnesota.