When living in northern California, I earned a degree in Fine Art Photography with a concentration in Art History. Most of my work involved nudes and how light and shadow plays with form. After University, I returned to Austin, Texas to be closer to family. I continued my artistic passion by working as a custom black and white printer. My work was for newspapers, publications, and museum/ gallery works.

After starting a family, I stopped working in the custom print industry and the world changed away from film. I’ve put my film cameras (temporarily) on the shelf and I’ve started diving into the digital realm. I use a Nikon D50 SLR and a Mac with Adobe Photoshop. When we lived in Cambridge, my photography focused on East Anglia and the places we holidayed. Below are some samples.

Enjoy… Susie Wilson

Themes captured by Susie Wilson

Reflections in nature

While walking through England, France, Ireland, Wales, and Germany, I’ve caught a few moments of peace and tranquility. They tend to involve nature’s play with light.

As related to doors

Not all doors are the same. Some doors have handles in the center, some doors have body part knockers, while others use pad locks. I’ve tried to capture a variety with different combinations.

Bricks and stone work

Much of the stonework and brickwork in Europe has been beaten and worn away by time and weather. Some have been unchanged for hundreds of years, while others have been added to and rebuilt with change.

Patterns and color

Different patterns and color can be captured both in nature and man made products. Some even try to emulate the other. All of which make the things around us interesting.