Paintball Birthday Party

7 Jul

We held Gabriel’s birthday party at Apocalypse Paintball. It was a great day. There were around ten kids and it was cloudy with no rain. The temperature was comfortable for them to run around in the paintball overalls. The party ran the entire afternoon.

The setup was awesome. The venue explained how the paintball games/ wars worked, they went over the rules and safety regulations, and how the equipment worked. The kids were stoked. The venue divided them and the other groups into two big mixed groups. They held six or seven games. Some of the kids did not follow the safety rules and were forced to sit out. During the breaks between the games, we had drinks, snacks, and a precut chocolate cake from Donaldsons. The kids enjoyed showing off their paint splatter. Some did get hit at exposed skin, where it hurt a lot. I didn’t see any tears, but I expect some were close.

All of the kids had a great time and would love to do it again (though I did hear one say “Atleast I know now not to join the Army.”).

The Fire Team   Gabriel having a coke and a smile Recovering from being shot

Guy Lipof

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