Sailing across the Atlantic

7 Nov

We had some friends come visit for dinner. Nick and Gesa are leaving England for life on a sailboat. Nick leaves later in the week to begin the Milk Run across the Atlantic. Gesa will join him, with their two kids, in Antigua. They’ll spend the year sailing in the Caribbean and up/ down the US East coast. After which, they intend to make their up and settle in Vancouver. They are posting notes of their travels on his Ty Dewi blog.

Though I haven’t sailed for many years, I do feel an itch for getting out on the ocean. I even started looking at sailboats for getting back into the swing. When I approached the family on the idea, the kids were not interested at all. Considering Gabriel gets seasick on a ferry, I’m not surprised he’s against going on a small boat out on choppy waters. I guess I’ll have to wait until the kids get out of school. In the meantime, my buddy Ted and I have a commitment to join the other on such an adventure when one of gets the finances to make the journey.

Guy Lipof

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