Leaving presentation tradition

12 Jan

The other day, one of the folks from my work was leaving the company. While I’ve been with the UK organization for over two years, I get tickled by the leaving presentation tradition. It turns out from chatting with folks, that most places tend to follow such a tradition.

In short the tradition is a card and an envelope is passed around the office. Most everyone signs it and adds a bit of a monetary donation. The manager of the leaver, collects the card and cash a couple of days before the leaver’s last day and goes and gets the leaver a gift (with the monetary donation).

On the leaver’s last day, s/he will invite folks to the pub and buy a round of drinks for everyone. The more popular the leaver, the more expensive the round. Depending on the leaver, the number of rounds can increase too. Everyone has a grand time and rejoins at the office around mid-afternoon. At which point, the manager presents the leaver with the signed card and, hopefully, a nice meaningful gift.

I’m perplexed as to how such a warm tradition exists in an environment which is often withdrawn and lacking in emotion. I guess its the love of lager.