Off to Tejas

7 Mar

Susie and Pearl left yesterday morning for Texas. Unfortunately, their plane did not make it. They were turned around about mid-way from JFK because of the snow storms hitting much of central United States. Susie called me about 8 PM EST (1 AM GMT) to let me know what was going on. I tried to get a hold of my brother about lodging, but he was snow skiing in Colorado. I thought I tried his home number to get a hold of his girlfriend, but it turned out the number I had was his office. Susie tried to book a hotel, but our Chase credit card was rejected. It turned out, we had not used it in over a year. They deemed the transaction as unusual. So, I booked her a hotel over the phone using my UK credit card. When she showed up, the hotel said she had to pay cash because she did not have the credit card which the room was booked under. So, she had to bargain the hotel down to the cash amount she had on herself.

The good news is, the next day, they met Ronnie’s girlfriend Lara and got to check out a bit of New York City before catching an afternoon flight from LaGuardia. They made it into DFW around 6:30 PM and met up with Susie’s siblings for some tasty Tex-Mex. Tomorrow, there is a party at her brother’s house for her mom and mom’s twin sister. Both of them turn 75 (hence the cross the pond journey).

Susie and Pearl are staying through Easter. They will spend part of the next week camping in Lost Pines State Park in Bastrop. After which, there is a small gathering at our friends, Ken and Lisa. I expect Susie will get together with her UMA (Unconventional Mothers of Austin) group the week before Easter (between shopping for bargains to bring back to the UK). It sounds like a great visit.

Guy Lipof

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