A White Easter

23 Mar

Well it’s Easter today and snowing in Cambridge. We had rain, sleet, and snow flurries yesterday. Gabriel joked about how it gets cold enough to snow, but always warms up a bit for the precipitation to be rain. Today with the Arctic front via Scandinavia, we got snow (which is actually sticking). While we missed a white Christmas, we’re getting a white Easter.

Susie and Pearl are still in the states. They return next week. They’ve been bouncing around a bi, but it sounds like they are having good fun. Pearl joined Scout for a day of school at Travis Heights Elementary. I believe they went on an egg hunt yesterday and made Bunnies too.

While I wish we could have joined them, Gabriel and I have been having fun together. We’ve kinda floated doing our own things and then talked at dinner with each other. My cooking is mediocre to poor. So we’ve gone out a couple of times. I’ve gotten better at cooking sausages, but pasta and raw veggies are my specialty. Nevertheless, below are some snowy pictures of the garden (back yard :-).

Snowy Garden Snowy Patio Snowy Planter

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