6 Apr

We spent the end of the week in Cornwall. We broke up the drive with a stop in Amesbury to see Stonehenge. Our National Trust membership had expired. So, we got an English Heritage membership. We’ll need to see five sites to break even on the membership dues (no problem). For those that have not been to Stonehenge, it’s nestled in a pasture where a main road forks. The stone columns are massive and well worth walking around. If your traveling on a tight budget, you can see it from outside the fence. With the days getting longer, it’s not possible to be in the grounds (legally) at sunrise/ sunsight. I expect with their hours of operation, you can see a sunset within the grounds during winter. I bet the Winter Solstice is a big event (maybe next visit). Anyhow the kids enjoyed the car break and Susie got some nice shots of the structure, mounds, sheep, and even a rabbit. The entrance has a semi-permanent tent which broadcasts a BBC documentary on Stonehenge and other stone circles. I think we’ll stop and see the Avebury Stone Circles on our next journey in the area. Not far here and Avebury is Glastonbury (Abbey & Tor), Cheddar Gorge/ Wookey Hole, and Bath. Plenty for our next holiday planning.

Stonehenge Guy and kids at Stonehenge Got the whole henge in her hands

Guy Lipof

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