Touring Jerusalem

27 May

We checked into The Little House in the Colony in the evening. We met up with Leora and Fred and my parent’s friends, Rob and Marlyn Walker. While waiting for others to join, we went next door to a bar/ cinema and had a few drinks. My cousin Alon joined with his one year-old son, Ma’ayan. As we were leaving, Susie’s sister, Ann, brother-in-law, David, and our dear friends from Cambridge, the Sansoms, arrived. My parents and the Walkers went off together while the rest of us went to out for dinner. We found a place down Emek Refaim with a private room to accommodate all of us. Gabriel and Pearl had a delightful time visiting with their friends Philip, Cole, and Emma. The waitresses played with my Ma’ayan, while he flirted back. It was a great meal and time for starting our experience of Jerusalem.

The next day, we split off into two groups. One group toured Jewish sites while the other toured the Christian sites. The Jewish tour mostly consisted of the Western Wall, underground tunnels, and the City of David. Pearl, Alon, and Ma’ayan broke off from the Jewish tour after lunch. She was tired and I had to prepare for meeting with Gabriel’s Bar-Mitzvah Rabbi (David Wilfond). Gabriel and Susie arrived later in the afternoon, in time to walk to meet the Rabbi.

Rabbi Wilfond had just come back to Israel from visiting Eastern Europe. He is originally from the states and was very friendly. He went through the entire service and helped us make some minor tweaks. Gabriel got along well with him. He said Gabriel was clearly well prepared and ready. The only suggestion he had was for Gabriel to try and read/ sing slower. We thanked him and grabbed a late bite before turning in.

Gabriel and Pearl overlooking Jerusalem Group shot along ruined market road Light from above Leora, Fred, Ann, and David at Hotel

Guy Lipof

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