First Quarter 2011 in Austin

5 Apr

Life is chugging along as if we have truly settled in Austin, though there are still four boxes that should be emptied (no earthly idea what is in them, but they are looking at me every weekend).  The kids are doing terrific.  Gabriel was part of two recent Jazz events (Jazz Concert at the Austin Jewish Community Center and a Jazz Festival at Temple College).  Pearl just returned from a school camping trip, where kayaking was the most enjoyed/ talked about activity/ event.

We also joined my parents for snow skiing in Park City, Utah.  Our dear friends, the Mahaffeys, also joined us for the later off of Spring skiing.  While the snow was not exactly winter powder, it was a true pleasure to carve.  We did have some windy days and a day that started out with drizzle turning into snow.  Susie did a mixture of Apres skiiing and tightening her boots for downhill runs with Gabriel, my father and at the end with Pearl.  The kids were a bit apprehensive, as they hadn’t skied for a few years, but they jumped in with little loss for time.  I’m now looking forward to trying to plan in a couple of trips for next year.  I hope you enjoy the 2004 to 2011 comparison photo of the kids with the Park City Bear Bench Statue.

In the meantime, we are visiting the Northeast for Pesach.  We will also join family for Easter at the Texas Coast.  We are talking about summer travel, but have not firmed up details.  We are leaning to somewhere cooler than Texas (like Canada or California/ Washington).  While both are fine locations, we would love to experience summer evenings at the Cambridge Blue.

Warm regards and much love… Guy and family

The Whole Gang Gabriel and Pearl in 2004 Gabriel and Pearl in 2011

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