Week 4 Radiation (Gabriel Home)

23 Dec

Susie has now completed three and a half weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.  We’ve gotten her rash mostly under control.  With the steroids, most of the bumps have subsided.  She still needs to take Benadryl to combat the itchiness, but does not need it every four hours.  She’s so happy that she does not wake up in the middle of the night ‘as one big itch’ (her words, not mine).  Susie also seems more clear in thought and is having less incidents of aphasia.  So, we are assuming the steroids are lessening any swelling in her brain she may have been experiencing.

Gabriel came home from Cal Poly last weekend, so we’ve had a week with him.  He’s been very helpful around the house.  He and Susie are going on walks.  I was quite impressed the first walk they took, as they were out for an hour.  Considering Susie’s walks are normally a couple of blocks, I was thinking that maybe they were just losing track of time/ distance.  I learned that the lose of time/ distance was really lunch and coffee down the street.  Nevertheless, they did get out of the house and enjoyed a wee bit of sunshine.

Next week is a short week for Susie.  The radiation facility is closed Monday through Wednesday (for Christmas), so Susie will have 3 days of treatment starting Boxing Day (i.e. 26-DEC).  She’s been feeling quite tired, so having a break of five days is welcomed (Woo Hoo).  We’re also keeping a closer eye on her left side of the head, as that is the main location for radiation.  So far, she’s lost the hair basically within two to three inches from her ear (the one that also seems clogged :-(.


Guy Lipof

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