Back In The Saddle, Kind Of

15 Sep

It is now middle of September.  A lot has happened in the last month.  Susie traveled with Leora (her mom) and I to Virginia.  It was a great visit.  Our nephew Sam, who is Susie’s Godson, and his wife were baptizing the first great grandchild for the Wilson family.  It was so great to be part of this beaming event.  We arrived two days early, so we got some quiet time with the Sam and Fran’s sweet daughter and an afternoon diversion to The Winery at Bull Run.  The flight to and from the DC area was smooth and Delta Airlines was terrific in helping us navigate the Minneapolis and Atlanta airports.

CatalinaBaptismUnfortunately, Susie lost her glasses on the flight out to DC.  We had been needing to go to the Ophthalmologist to get her eyes rechecked, as it has now been over six months since Susie completed radiation treatment.  I guess the lost glasses was nudge to get another doctor visit in place.  Well that check box is now checked, we just have to wait for the superduty glasses to be made.  In addition to moving forward with new glasses, Susie is now able to get back into the pool.  So, I’ve been taking her every Tuesday and Thursday for the last few weeks.  She comes home exhausted, but she is starting to feel stronger and her stamina is improving.  As the weather has just cooled down, maybe we’ll try walking again.

Gabriel is in the process of flying back to San Luis Obispo today.  He starts school next week.  It has been a joy having him around the house.  When he was not working at El Arroyo, he and Susie would watch Jeopardy together.  And when he wasn’t sleeping, I got a helpful hand around the house.  Even on the day he left, he helped me install a stained glass lamp in the kitchen.  He will be back for the second week of ACL Music Festival, though I doubt I will get much assistance from him (or his cousins Curtis and Lena that will be joining, we’ll see ;-).


Pearl is loving Austin High and is gearing up for the school’s Fall Red Dragon Players theater production.  The first show is this Thursday.  We’ve yet to decide which one we will attend.

Guy Lipof

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