Grandpa Fred McCarthy

3 Jan

Just before New Years, my father-in-law (Fred McCarthy) passed away.  He was just shy of 95 years old.  Fred and Susie’s mom (Leora) married almost twenty years ago.  Our children have known him as their grandfather.  Fred and Leora have been prominent fixtures in our lives with countless holiday dinners, many Sunday breakfasts, consistent help/ support during cancer treatments and memorable visits abroad (Ireland, England and Israel).


Before I met Susie, her father (Albert Wilson) had died of pancreatic cancer.  Fred and Leora later developed their friendship during weekly bible study.

Like Leora, my Grammy Sybby (paternal grandmother) married a second time to a wonderful man (Tuvia Vered).  Their marriage lasted over 20 years.  When Leora was deciding whether to marry Fred, she met with Grammy Sybby for advice.  Grammy Sybby expressed how wonderful her second marriage was and that she had no regrets.

I am very happy Fred was part of our life and that we had the pleasure to share in the love and companionship from their marriage.  He will be missed.