Brute Force Attacks

26 Jul

This weekend I received notifications of repeated failed login attempts from different IP addresses across the globe. This type of attack is coordinated by bots and is called a Brute Force Attack.

While I mentioned last year in May I saw a significant uptick of Hacking Abuse post the 2020 US elections through the inauguration of the US President, this weekend’s attacks looked different and was much more intense. They mostly came from foreign countries in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand). I also saw attacks from Europe, including Germany, Netherlands and a few from Ukraine, England and France. I also saw some from Iran and Turkey, which is new for me.

I don’t know what triggered these attempts, but they seemed to have slowed down as I have shut off access to larger IP address ranges. There were over 450 attempts during this last weekend, three hundred of which were on Saturday the 23rd. I’ve seen over 50 attempts today, a Monday.

Not sure what instigated the interest, maybe politics on Twitter or just my site is running on WordPress. The frequency is not enough to bring down the site, so I think the attack is purely to gain access to install malware.

Guy Lipof

Accomplished Engineering Executive with deep consulting and sales expertise in healthcare and life sciences, particularly in oncology, driving business strategy, delivering innovative solutions, and improving patient outcomes. Care partner and advocate for raising awareness about and investment towards Brain Cancer Research, such as Glioblastoma Multiforme and IDH mutant gliomas.