Ron and Lara’s Wedding

23 Jun

On the evening of Saturday the 14th, I joined Ronnie (my brother) and Lara (his fiancé) for their wedding at the Metroplitan Building in Queens. At around 4 PM, Ronnie and I took a cab there for family pictures. It was quiet hot and humid (around 90 with 60% humidity). After we arrived, it started raining. Of course, someone said it is good luck to have rain on your wedding. Mom, Dad, and Tamar joined for the pictures. And so did Lara’s sisters and father. The venue was way beautiful and fully decked out with flowers, flowing curtains, and everything to make the place seem unique and special.

The wedding started around 7 PM with a walk down the aisle. They had a friends and family read a variety of blessings and poems. The vows they had written were very nice and the rabbi’s cermony was a bit granola, crunchy with a peace love thunder tone. All-in-all, it went flawless and the breaking of the glass was superb. I was and still am very happy.

After the cermony, folks mingled and I got to see family (Uncles, Aunts, cousins, second cousins) and old friends from high-school (like Lou Zuckerman). I visited with friends of mom and dad’s from both Fairfield and Florida (like the Vingers and the Rosenthals). It was quite a blast from the past. Before the actual meal, the parents, myself (the best man), and Lara’s sister Heather (maiden of honor) did our toasts to Ronnie and Lara. I had the difficulty of going after Dave (Lara’s father) who was very funny. Nevertheless, I think I did okay. My speech is attached.

Dancing, drinking, visiting, and kibbitzing continued through the night. I left with Mom and Dad after 1 AM. It was a great time. While I wish Susie and the kids could have come, going alone gave me more time with Ronnie. I love him and greatly valued that opportunity.

Ronnie and Lara Tamar, Bernie, and me Mom and Dad Dad and Ron

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