Summer guests arriving

15 Jul

We are starting to have guests from the US. Our first guest of the Summer was Julia Smith. She is studying abroad in Germany and France. During her break, she stayed with us for around a week. The kids and Susie had a grand time with her. Julia used to watch Gabriel and Pearl when they were tiny. She was quite surprised to see how the kids have grown. With us having extra bikes, Julia was able to see the sites of Cambridge without needing to depend on car or public transport.

Next on our early Summer list, was our nephew Bryce and his friend Jordan. They started their travels in Barcelona and took in sites in France, Netherlands, and Belgium. They had some great photos along with a neat travel journal which both of them used for writings and drawings. Bryce and Jordan have been friends since Kindergarden. Bryce played a lot of guitar and even helped guide Gabriel with his learning. Jordan is studying to be a chef.

While Bryce and Jordan were visiting, we had more friends from Austin. Beena, Sudhir, and their children stopped by on their journey to India. Jordan and Susie prepared lunch and we took them (on the bus) to see Cambridge. We had a nice time walking around Castle Hill, seeing the Round Church, and visiting the colleges/ Market Square. Though I think the kids liked the ice cream the best.

Next on the list is meeting the Mahaffeys in Ireland.

Julia solves the puzzle brycesusie.jpg brycejordan.jpg Beena And Family

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