Early Spring Visitors

30 Mar

At the beginning of this month, we had my cousin Alon and his family (wife Efrat and son Maayan) visit us.  Unfortunately, Maayan was running a very high fever the weekend before they arrived.  So, the household came down with a virus.  Susie and the kids seemed quite resilient.  Alon and I, however, seemed to have the virus that would never leave.  In the end, our infections got into our sinuses and lungs.  I had to get antibiotics to finally kick the bugger.  I think I was sick for almost four weeks.

Susie’s sister, Ann, and our niece, Cassie, came to visit too.  So they were not constantly exposed to the house of typhoid Mary, we set them up at the Carolina Guest House. The guest house is around the corner from us and on the bus route into the Cambridge City Centre.  The accommodations are nice with an en-suite bathroom.  Breakfast was also included in the price.  Susie had a grand time running around town with them.

At the tail end of my sickness, our friends George and Susan came to visit.  They were spending a month in Europe.  The started out near Stutgart, went to Siena, and then to Paris.  The ended their trip with visiting us.  Susan caught a nasty cold when they were traveling through France.  She seemed to recover during their visit.  They even did a pub crawl (via the real ale houses) through Cambridge and did an outing in Norwich.  I even made a steak and kidney pie over the weekend (how bizzare).

Hopefully, we’ll have a healthier April.

Guy Lipof

Accomplished Engineering Executive with deep consulting and sales expertise in healthcare and life sciences, particularly in oncology, driving business strategy, delivering innovative solutions, and improving patient outcomes. Care partner and advocate for raising awareness about and investment towards Brain Cancer Research, such as Glioblastoma Multiforme and IDH mutant gliomas.