Back from home

4 Jun

It is so strange to be back in England after spending time in the US.  We were in the States for two weeks.  It was a great time.  So much so, we felt the visit was too short.  I hope our hosts think the same.  We went to New England first, then to Texas and then to North Carolina.

Our trip to New England was for my sister’s wedding.  My aunt and uncle from Israel were there.  So, we got to visit about family in Israel and speak a bit of Hebrew.  It was a lot of fun.  The rehearsal dinner was in New Haven and the wedding was in a converted barn.  It was a great time and very beautiful.  Ronnie (my brother), Gabriel, myself and a friend of Bernie’s (Tamar’s husband) held the Chuppah.  During the reception, Pearl and Gabriel did Hebrew blessings with my father (He was beaming for many reasons).  The biggest surprise and joy was we got to see Ronnie and Lara’s new baby (Raphael – he’s such a cutey).

Wedding Lipof Family Photo Wedding Ronnie, Lara and Raphael Wedding Chuppah Wedding Under the Chuppah 

Before traveling to Texas, we went into New York and saw a few sites (Cooper Hewit Design Museum, Central Park, and Katz’s Deli) and also went to northwestern Connecticut to see some waterfalls and covered bridges.  All-in-all a great time in the northeast.

Central Park with Saba  Pearl near river Lake Waramaug Wedding Chills

We were supposed to spending Memorial Day weekend in the DC area, but a few weeks before our journey our plans changed.  Leora (Susie’s mom) takes her grandchildren when they are around nine years old on a trip.  So Pearl and her cousin Scout were the last set of grandchildren for such an adventure.  Leora took them to Dallas to visit the American Girl Boutique and adventure at Great Wolf Lodge. It was such a good time, we are still hearing about it.  While Pearl was in Dallas living it up with Leora and Scout, Gabriel spent much of the weekend with a childhood buddy (Jules) of his.  And Susie and I got to enjoy life without kids (I think we are still a bit groggy from the Denton crowd extranaganza).

After the Memorial Day weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting our dentist.  His hygienist did a fine job of cleaning the lime build up associated with British water.  I wish I could say we made it up to North Carolina as planned, but we missed our connection in Dallas. Fortunately, we got see Susie’s brother Charley and his clan for a cocktail and some Zzzzzs.

After arriving early Wednesday morning at Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU), Susie’s brother Doug took us on a tour of Chapel Hill, the University and Carrboro.  It’s a much smaller place than Austin, but it reminded me of Austin during the 80s.  We got to visit with his family and watch Gabriel participate in some evening music sessions.  Laura led the group and taught Gabriel to do Dona Dona.  Very cool indeed.

Anyhow, coming home to Cambridge is bittersweet.  It’s nice to be able to sleep in your own bed and get back to where you’ve settled, but being away from loved ones is hard.

Guy Lipof

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