Summer Birthdays

21 Jun

We had our yearly summer solstice/ birthday gathering.  As with the last two years, the weather did not feel very much like summer.  Nevertheless, most folks had jackets/ fleeces to combat the evening chill.  I expect the fire helped along with the wine.  The crowd as usual was a mix of friends from the neighborhood, schools, work and organizations we are part of.  There was a good mix of kids of both Gabriel and Pearl’s ages.  It is wonderful how as the children get older, there is less need for parental involvement.

In the mix of our birthday month, today is also Father’s Day.  Pearl has been especially sweet and cuddly.   Susie has asked if there was something special I wanted to do on Father’s Day and my response was ‘to take a nap’.  The party went past 1am and I guess I felt it today.  It could also be that I am recovering from last week’s work/ festivities in Dublin and London.  Fortunately, this week looks more peaceful with no significant travel and more family time.