Pumpkin Carving

1 Nov

We held our annual pumpkin carving gathering on Friday.  The weather cooperated (started raining after all the carving finished) and the house inside and outside was not overly crowded.  I think the proper term is ‘snug’.  The star of the show, was a home grown pumpkin that was eating another one (see uploaded photo).  I think the other pumpkins were feeling a bit threatened.

Also uploaded is a very cool shot Susie did of a friend at the party.  She did not use any digital manipulation to cause the effects.  The photo is eerie and ghost-like in appearance.  We’ll just have to see if the technique can be easily reproduced. In the meantime, enjoy and hope you all had a very Happy Halloween.

Jack-O-Lanterns  Effects Photo of Elizabeth Toop

Guy Lipof

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