Restaurants in Cambridge

24 Oct

We are now on our fifth year in Cambridge.  Coming from the Austin, where there is a large variety of good quality eateries, we were not sure what we would find here.  At first, the pickings seemed slim and we coupled our London trips with good Thai, Japanese and Chinese foods.  However, as our network of friends grew our knowledge of good restaurants in Cambridge also improved.  Some of the places we enjoy are:

There are plenty of other restaurants in Cambridge that are probably good, but we have yet to try them or we thought they were okay. The above is just a list of the ones, we go back to and have had a consistently good experience.

We also regularly go to the Cambridge Blue for a few pints of ale.  For those that don’t like good ales, the Blue also has a large variety of European beers.  It backs up to an old cemetery that is very neat to walk around in.  We take most of our guests here (especially when the weather is not too dismal :-).

Guy Lipof

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