Happy Birthday Week

23 Nov

What an exciting week it was.  Pearl’s birthday happened middle of the week.  We surprised her by completely redoing her room (while she was at school).  Susie cleaned out all the clutter and I replaced the loft bed with a captains bed.  Now she gazes out of her window at the stars (when the clouds are not too thick).  We ended the day with a delicious pumpkin pie and planning of her Saturday birthday party (ice skating at Parkers Piece).

Ice Skating on Parkers Piece About to blow out candles

As the weekend has now passed, I can say the ice skating party was a partial success.  With all the rain England is getting and the unusually warm weekend, there was a layer of water on top of the ice.  So for the people who fell, they landed in some very cold water.  I had to tie a few ice skates on the ice.  So, one of my knees was completely soaked.  But the kids had a great time.  Some could skate and some needed to use the railing.

Now we are planning for Thanksgiving, and soon winter (we hope a snowy one).

Guy Lipof

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