Happy Holidays

20 Dec

This last month seems to have gone by with a whirl.  After Pearl’s ice skating extravaganza, we had company for Thanksgiving.  Our friends Wendy, Frank and Luke came from Germany for a long weekend.  We held the turkey day feast on a Saturday.  Coupled with our house guests, we had two other families join.  I prepared two turkeys.  One was a store bought turkey that I brined and the other was a fresh turkey from Gog Magog Hills Farm.  In my opinion, the fresh turkey was better.  I think I over salted the other turkey.  Susie made Pearl’s favorite (Pumpkin Pie) and our friends the Sansoms brought to die for ooie gooey brownies.  One of our company (Rob) had just arrived that day from China.  How he stayed awake, let alone contribute to the conversation, is beyond us.  The highlight of the evening is the kids were found playing charades using the stairs as stadium seating.  It was a magical gathering.

December was filled with a bit of traveling for me.  Susie and I went to Windsor for my company Christmas party.  While it was at LegoLand, it was really more a building  next to LegoLand.  So, we did not get to play with any Legos or see any cool Lego designed Santas/ Winter scenes.  Nevertheless, Susie got dolled up in a black evening dress with Tony Lama boots.  She was quite stunning with her ever sly Austin smile. Outside of the Windsor trip, I’ve been spending most of my time in a city next to Leeds called Bradford.  It has an interesting history and its demographics have changed a lot in the last twenty years.  Its supposedly a great place for curry.  I must have missed the really good joints or just don’t taste the difference between other city establishments.

Speaking of work, on Wednesday the 16th of December, it was announced that Lombardi is being acquired by IBM.  As the acquisition is in progress, I can’t say anything about it (not that I really know anything :-).  Nevertheless, there are plenty of news articles/ press releases with information. Being that Austin is home to Lombardi, I think the Statesman posting is worth reading. It has the most amount of meat.

Last but not least in this end of year posting, we have snow on the ground in Cambridge.  It started snowing on Thursday and has been on and off each evening.  It has been great fun with Pearl throwing snowballs and us watching people trying to drive.  Hopefully the snow will stick around into new years.  In the meantime, ‘Happy Holidays’ to all.

Back Garden  Snowy planter Snowy bush

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