Spain and Coming Home!

2 Jul

Well it is beginning of July and I have been remiss on updating everyone in regards to our recent travels and news.  To start with we are going through a lot of changes.  My employer has recently been acquired.  Through some challenging negotiations, we have decided to return to Austin.  Much of these discussions happened during our vacation to Spain, where we stayed with friends (Larry and Maryan Piano and their family) in Madrid.  While there, we visited Toledo and got to check to check out the walled city and its very old Synagogue (St. Maria La Blanca), the cathedral along with cobblestone streets.

St. Maria La Blanca Have a coke and a smile Casa Del Greco Susie with bridge

We then traveled up to Segovia to see a most impressive aqueduct.  We had lunch under it and then traveled the surrounding countryside in search of the Rio Frio.  The Rio Frio to my surprise was a mere creek.  So, no pictures of an impressive cold river.

Aqueduct Segovia thistles Segovia Cathedral 

We then spent the weekend visiting with our friends and meeting their friends.  Susie and Gabriel did a trip with Maryan into Madrid to experience the El Ratsro Flea Market.   To top off our trip (with churros con chocolate) we got to experience a religious procession in San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo Nuns  San Lorenzo with Larry Kids in Madrid The whole familia

Now our UK house is on the market.  We’re planning to be back in Austin by the end of August.  So, the trip to Madrid was an excellent ending to our European tour. We intend to come back, but for now our focus is on a smooth transition into our new old house in Clarksville.  Hopefully, we have made a positive impression with our friends in and around Europe and we will have visitors in Texas.


Until then ‘Gracias y adiós’!

Guy Lipof

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