Hiking in Northern England

28 Apr

While Susie and Pearl have been in Texas over the Easter break, Gabriel and I headed north to Cumbria and Northumberland.  Our first stop was the Lake District to hike Scafell Pike.  Gabriel’s friend Tumi and part of his family (Inga and Frodi) joined us for this adventure.  We stayed next to Wastwater in a Bed and Breakfast called Burnthwaite Farm in Wasdale Head.  It was ideally suited for hiking the area.  We did a loop climbing Scafell Pike going around the mountain to Sty Head and then up the back and down the front.  There was a bit of scrambling at the top and even a bit of snow for sliding down the mountain.

Sty Head  Scrambling Up Scafell Pike Summit Snowy Descent

We also did a bit of walking along the coast. We specifically saw the portion between Seascale and Ravenglass, though there was an estuary that blocked part of the effort.  The beach day was a bit overcast.  So, it was great we were not on the mountain (i.e. we would be in the clouds :-).  After a few days, Inga and her boys went back to Cambridge while Gabriel and I traveled to hike Hadrian’s Wall.

For Hadrian’s Wall, we joined Naomi, Marcus and their boys for doing the middle bit.  The first day was overcast, windy and slightly damp (on occasion). We stayed at B&Bs along the wall and had our luggage transported between them.  So, all we had to carry was daypack items (like rain gear, water and food).  The second day was brilliant weather (similar to our day hiking up Scafell Pike).

Brocolitia  Roman Army Museum Nesbitt Family near Steel Rigg

Overall both trips were awesome.  I would be happy to head back with guests and do similar walks.

Guy Lipof

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