The reality of the Middle East

16 Sep

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles and seeing a few videos as they relate to the Middle East.  With the impending push by Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen of the Palestinian Authority) requesting statehood at the UN, I wonder what is the real goal of this action.  We see much disagreement between the various Palestinian groups (like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority) on this action and even with the Palestinians in Jordon (see NY Times article on recent Rally).  I think much of the disagreement is around making peace with Israel and recognizing her right to exist.  If the Palestinians could do this, then the question of borders and such is a mere technical discussion.  Many people tend to forget the history of the middle east and how its borders were established and changed.  So, I feel Danny Ayalon’s (Israel Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs) You Tube video, while very simple, highly relevant:

Couple the above with the turmoil between Turkey and Israel over the Mavi Marmara, see article by David Romano, and the Arab Spring events throughout the Middle East, I feel the push for statehood recognition is really a push by the Palestinian Authority out of fear that there will be a Palestinian Arab Spring.  The question I wonder is: “Will a failed bid for statehood stop the toppling of the Palestinian Authority?”  My guess is after 15 years of pain and lack of progress by the Palestinian Authority and two Intifada’s, the people in the West Bank have a worse life and have lost much of their patience.  So, I think the Palestinian Authority will collapse.  I hope that real elections happen and a governing body that wants peace is established.  My greatest fear is what will replace the current lack of authority and corruption will be Hamas, and we see what they have brought to Gaza.

My hope is that at some point Arabs and Israelis can become good neighbors and someday friends. I have friends that are Muslim and I know there are moderate Muslims and Arabs in the western world that also hope so:

Guy Lipof

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