Anti-Israel Author Kills UT Mideast Book

31 May

I just finished receiving a bunch of emails from friends around the world about how The University of Texas’ Center for Middle Eastern Studies has cancelled a book which was scheduled to be published this month.  Most of the emails contained links to websites around the globe.  I think many of these emailed articles have been quite critical of UT.  I reached out to the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and got a very informative and thoughtful reply.  I personally feel the below two articles provide the most accurate picture of what really happened and why the book was cancelled.

I am very proud of my alma mater and the position they took when confronted by unethical and hateful requests to remove the Israeli authors.  I feel cancelling the book was unfortunate and these Arab women who withdrew from the book missed an opportunity.  I hope authors who are focused on peace in the Middle East read these two articles and see UT as an institution that supports open dialogue.

Guy Lipof

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