Week 20 Rest

13 Apr

Susie has had a quiet week; no treatment and no doctor appointments.  She did come into Texas Oncology for some tests on Friday, but largely the week has been filled with good rest and relaxation.  The weather warmed up about mid-week.  And we have spent most of our time doing mundane household things, looking at pictures on-line and reading the Cal Poly Engineers Without Borders Thailand Blog.

Cal Poly EWB Thailand

Susie chatted with Gabriel on Saturday.  He sounds good, quite busy now that School is back in session.  We do hope that he gets to return to Thailand with EWB.  The experience sounds great and having follow-up trips will hopefully show an enabled community benefiting from their research and collaboration.

This coming week Susie has a neuro-oncologist appointment and she does another round of immunoglobulin (IVIG).  Her blood counts are largely unchanged.  Nevertheless, she’s a go for the Callahan Girls Weekend.

Guy Lipof

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