Essays on Israel

7 Aug

I received an email today with a link to an eBook that is called Winning the War of Words, Essays on Zionism and Israel.  The book is authored by Dr. Einat Wilf.  She is the author of three other books on Israel, namely:

I have not read these three books, but am excited to read her eBook.  From first glance, it looks like a collection of articles from various sources around the globe, like The Telegraph, Turkish Policy Quarterly, Irish Examiner, Al Monitor and many others.  These articles are grouped into the following four sections:

  • The Dangerous Unraveling of the Middle East
  • The International Community and the Limits of Good Intentions
  • A Vision for Peace
  • Telling our Story

I’ve read the first section’s articles and find them well put together and thoughtful.  They are neither hawkish nor dovish, but seem to be a collection of critical commentary without narrative fluff.  I’m curious to see how her other books are written/ organized.