Summer Graduation

4 Jul

Gabriel Grad BWWe just returned from a great trip in California. The motivation was our eldest child’s graduation from Cal Poly. He recently completed a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering. My parents joined us for the week, just north of San Luis Obispo, in Cayucos. We spent many an afternoon/ night looking out at the ocean, discussing life and future plans with dear friends and family. It was truly a magical moment to treasure and behold. We obviously got out of the house on a daily basis, including kayaking in Morro Bay, walks along the bluffs of Estero Bay and checking out the Thursday Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo.


After our central coast week, we traveled up to Sequoia National Forest, where we stayed with friends of ours in a cabin at an elevation of 7,500 ft.  The cabin was surrounded by groves of redwood and sequoia trees.  We took Susie on a short hike, under a mile, to see the fifth largest tree in the world (also known as the Stagg Tree).  We could certainly feel the elevation/ change in oxygen up in the mountains.  The visit with our friends and nature outside our door was simply magnificent.

Stagg DedicationSequoia Group Me

The final leg in our trip was a long drive to Guerneville, Sonoma County, to a cabin surrounded by coastal redwoods.  The most stunning tree was a Pacific Madrone, especially when the morning light hit it. We visited with a couple of Susie longtime friends, from her days living in Sebastopol. As we were leaving, Susie said “You guys go, I’ll remain here”.

Pacific MadroneHot Tub Grove

A trip we will look back with fondness.

Front PorchSequoia Colonel


Guy Lipof

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