Traveling with the Mahaffeys

16 Aug

Our dear friends, the Mahaffeys, have left Blighty for Portugal.  We had a delightful visit with them.  They flew over to Dublin on the 18th of July and we joined them in Wexford on the 22nd (as soon as school was out).  We checked out castles in Cahir on the way to Killarney.  In Killarney, Ken, Zoe, Gabriel, and I climbed Ireland’s tallest mountain (Carrantuohill).  We tried our hand at fishing (the midges were biting more than the fish).  We then traveled to Cork and did a bit of sightseeing there (including the Blarney Castle – again :-).  As we journeyed back to Cambridge, the Mahaffey’s checked out Clear Island.  Unfortunately, the weather was anything but clear.

Cahir Cannon Christ’s Saddle Carrantuohill Summit YHA in Cork

The Girls The one fish to rule them all Sea Shell Girl Hunting Sea Shells

They soon met us in Cambridge.  Where Susie and the kids joined them in London and at Warwick Castle.  It was a delightful time.

Guy Lipof

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