July Fourth Weekend

9 Jul

The month of July has started with a bang.  For fourth of July weekend (American Independence Day), my folks stopped in to visit us.  They were in Israel for my cousin Orit’s wedding.  Before the wedding, they spent a week in Israel visiting friends and family.  Even though Israel is much closer to Britain than the US, they spent most of Friday the 3rd of July traveling.  Gabriel was gone for most of the weekend.  He had a Duke of Edinburgh expedition with hiking from Safron Walden to Cambridge.  Nonetheless, we had a great evening Saturday night celebrating a friend’s Bat-Mitzvah.  There were a bunch of Americans at the gathering and we even sang the Star Bangled Banner.  On our way home, there were a few fireworks going off in Cambridge (what a surprise).

On a side note, Gabriel sliced open his thumb at school with an x-acto knife (also known as a craft knife here).  We had to go to A&E (Accident and Emergency) to check if he needed stitches.  They ended up gluing the wound.  My father and I think Gabriel’s long thumbnail looks worse than the laceration.

Birthday Wishes  Gabriel’s sliced thumb Gabriel’s hand bandaged

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