Big Weekend in Cambridge

11 Jul

We’re heading into town today to enjoy the ‘Big Weekend‘ festivities.  In short, the event is a weekend of festivities at Parker’s Piece.  The event includes live music, carnival rides, craft tent, food stalls and market stalls.  Most of the stuff is overpriced, but its a good excuse to get out and see people.  I do enjoy the fact that there is a beer/ cider tent for getting a pint while chilling to the music (which is not always very good).

It’s been a long time since we’ve gone.  The last time we were at this event was in 2006 with my friend Larry Mahlum. He was doing an exchange study in London and Italy and came to visit us for the weekend.  Gabriel and Larry had a grand time at the pellet gun stall.  I think Larry ended up winning a bear for Pearl.  Because Larry passed away in 2007, I expect going to this event will be a bit bittersweet.  Nevertheless, I’ll raise a pint to Larry and maybe Gabriel will be able to win a bear for Pearl.

Guy Lipof

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