Slightly damp Folk Festival

3 Aug

What a great weekend.  From Thursday night to Sunday night, Cherry Hinton park (10 minute walk from our house) was transformed into a multi-stage facility for thousands of people to listen to folk music.  Even with a bit of rain (quite a downpour on Saturday night) that left the ground soft and slippery, the friendliness and community feeling was not dampened.  My favorite acts from each day at the Cambridge Folk Festival were:

I didn’t get to check out every act (obviously).  We mostly camped out in front of stage one and I was working until the evening on Friday (so, I missed the Waterson Family).  Also, my cousin from Israel (Ella) came in from being in Ireland for a visit.  So, there was a brief hiatus in my attendance on Saturday evening (mostly during the heavy rain, when Booker T. was playing).  Susie and Pearl were at the Folk Festival during most of the day.  Pearl made some new friends and bumped into classmates too.  Gabriel joined us a bit each day, avoiding the folksy fiddle sessions.

Stage One Staying Dry Dancing to Los Lobos

Guy Lipof

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