Autumn has arrived

6 Oct

We’ve now crossed over into October.  It is now supposed to be officially Autumn, though I must say the weather seems the same as September.  Slightly wet (very wet today), lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s.  While it does feel like the temperature outside is in the 50s, the London Underground still can feel quite balmy (especially at rush hour).  So I’ve yet to crossover into needing my heavy coat.

We had my cousin Amir here a week ago.  He stayed with us for the weekend and then met up with his sister Ella (also my cousin 🙂  in Scotland.  She’s been working in Glasgow.  I believe the weather is even more damp and brisk in Glasgow.  Also the days are getting shorter.  No more summer sunrise around 4 AM and sunset around 10 PM.  We’ve kind of met the perfect medium with sunrise around 7 AM and sunset around 6:30 PM.  As we get closer to the winter solstice, the sunrise will be a little after 8 AM and sunset a little before 4 PM.  I remember being quite surprised by the short day on our first year.  We’ll see how she does with it.

Guy Lipof

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