Bevo in Britain

2 Feb

As this morning is a bit odd, to say the least, this is going to be a strange posting.  To preface today’s oddity, the kids received iPod Touches for the winter holidays this year.  Therefore, Gabriel is no longer using his burnt orange iPod shuffle, and I have inherited it.  Until yesterday, the shuffle has sat on a shelf.  I pulled it off and reset it.  Being a UT Alum, I named the iPod the natural name for any burnt orange device, i.e. ‘Bevo’.

Today I am traveling from Cambridge through London on my way towards Reading for a company meeting.  On the way, I decided to listen to some music.  I see people doing it all the time, so what the heck.  Well, I have to say it is quite bizarre to travel through Britain listening to Johnny Cash.  For some reason, I felt like a fish out of water.  Talking about surreal.  Next time I’ll try a bit of Pink Floyd or the soundtrack to Trainspotting (oh yeah).

I hope your day twists like seeing Bevo in Britain… Guy

Bevo  British Countryside

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