Cancer Checkup (JUN-2012)

13 Jun

Just wanted to drop an email that Susie and I have returned from her yearly cancer check-up.  The appointment was not a home run.  In addition to reviewing her February car accident, we learned there is a small change in the area where she has scar tissue from her tumor treatments.  The difference is not very noticeable with recent scans, but it is noticeable when looking at scans from three/ four years ago.  The doctors feel it is unclear whether the change is related to a difference between the MRI scan slices, a tilting of her head in the machine or brain/ scar/ cancer cells.

The short story is we will be returning to MD Anderson in four months.  We do not know more than what I’ve described.  For now, we are laying low and focusing on positive thoughts.  No need to call.

Lots of love and best wishes… Guy, Susie, Gabriel, & Pearl