Call a spade a bloody shovel

13 Apr

It has been quite sometime since I’ve posted a blog entry.  There’s no excuse for this, as there has been lots to write.  Rather than writing about travel and other events in life, I recently read a very interesting article about world politics.  In short, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has recently visited Israel, crossed into East Jerusalem, met an Israeli official on real business there and then went up to the Golan Heights.  Afterwards, he basically communicated to the European Union that it is time to take their head out of the sand and call Hezbollah a terrorist organization.  You can read about why at:

I found this article quite refreshing, especially because Canada has designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization back in 2002.  We are now ten years later and have seen Hezbollah assassinate leadership in Lebanon, bomb Israel, contribute to the Assad regime’s massacre of thousands, attempt an attack in Cyprus and successfully kill tourists in Bulgaria.  As a person who has lived and travel in Europe and know how Europeans pride themselves on their worldliness, I wonder what their definition of a terrorist organization is.