Touring Jerusalem

27 May

We checked into The Little House in the Colony in the evening. We met up with Leora and Fred and my parent’s friends, Rob and Marlyn Walker. While waiting for others to join, we went next door to a bar/ … Read More »

Climbing Masada

26 May

The next morning, Ronnie, Lara, my father, Gabriel and I woke up at 5 AM to drive to Masada and hike up the snake path. We arrived a little before sunrise. At dinner the night before, my mom said it … Read More »

The Dead Sea and Ein Gedi

26 May

Before leaving Tel Aviv, I called Avis to find out if their Tel Aviv offices had a minivan like the one I ordered. One of the facilities did, so I exchanged the the massive nine passenger vehicle for what I … Read More »

Tel Aviv on the Med

25 May

We landed in Tel Aviv right on schedule. Susie and I planned our flights to come in around the time of our parents. Mom (Savta Yael) and Dad (Saba Paul) landed after us. Gabriel hid behind a column and surprised … Read More »