What is a Hasbara Troll?

11 Jul

Today I commented on an article about the Iran Nuclear Deal and Israel.  The article was authored by Michael J. Koplow and is published on the Politico Website, see: Israel is the Iran Deal’s Biggest Loser My comment verbatim was: … Read More »

Bernie Sanders 2016

16 Jun

I’ve been following the presidential candidate announcements for the last month and looking at both Republicans and Democrats quite seriously.  As most friends know, I have some left leaning tendencies and strong thoughts regarding the Middle East.  Up until recently, … Read More »

Israel’s 2015 Election

13 Jun

Three months ago (17-MAR-2015), Israeli’s re-elected Prime Minister Netanyahu (Likud).  If you were following the polls in January, it looked like Isaac Herzog (Labor/ Zionist Union) was likely to unseat Netanyahu.  There were a few things that resulted in quite … Read More »

Out Negotiated By Iran

19 Apr

Over the weekend, I was part of multiple discussions regarding President Obama’s Nuclear Framework Agreement with Iran.  My stance is the deal does not go far enough, let alone Iran and the US have serious differences in what was agreed. … Read More »

Islamists In Our Schools

30 Jan

Earlier this week, a resolution sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) passed calling for the University of California at Davis to divest from “corporations that aid in the Israeli occupation of Palestine and illegal settlements in Palestinian territories.” … Read More »

The Global Demonization of Israel

5 Dec

There is a great article in the Weekly Standard by Lee Smith who interviews Joshua Muravchik related to his latest publication, Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel.  You can find the article at: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/heres-how-world-turned-against-israel_820532.html There are … Read More »

Immoral Leadership?

21 Nov

I’ve been having a tough time sleeping these last few weeks.  There has been a sudden increase in violence in and around Jerusalem.  Palestinians have been killing Israeli civilians in public venues, using cars and other tactics.  This violence has … Read More »

Calling the Kettle black

30 Oct

A few days ago a highly sensitive article was written by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic, titled The Crisis in US-Israel Relations is Officially Here.  The big focal point by news media around is that a White House/ State Department … Read More »

Shanah Tovah Tikatevu

4 Oct

The days of awe (Yamim Noraim) are coming to an end.  I have spent the last ten days thinking, mostly tossing and turning when trying to sleep.  One night I got little to no sleep at all.  Other nights, I … Read More »

Thoughts at 2 AM

19 Jul

My insides are completely twisted.  I am finding myself trying to navigate friendships and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.  The conflict is highly personal for me, I have lots of family who live in Israel and my mother’s family helped build … Read More »