No partner for peace

4 Apr

It is official the peace initiative that was so earnestly restarted with vigor by John Kerry and President Obama has died with a bang.  The Palestinian Authority (PA) signed up to join 15 international treaties and conventions, so Israel rightly … Read More »

Call a spade a bloody shovel

13 Apr

It has been quite sometime since I’ve posted a blog entry.  There’s no excuse for this, as there has been lots to write.  Rather than writing about travel and other events in life, I recently read a very interesting article … Read More »

The reality of the Middle East

16 Sep

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles and seeing a few videos as they relate to the Middle East.  With the impending push by Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen of the Palestinian Authority) requesting statehood at the UN, I wonder … Read More »

What a bunch of turkeys

3 Sep

I don’t normally write political rants on my blog, but I find the latest news (Boston Globe, Reuters and The Telegraph) ridiculous that Turkey has expelled Israel’s ambassador and is cutting their military agreements with Israel over the recently leaked … Read More »

Israel Defense Forces in Haiti

22 Jan

Susie and I have been following the terrible suffering in Haiti.  We can’t begin to imagine the pain and horrors the people there are experiencing.  They are just unbelievable.  Coupled with the immediate shock of the disaster, we have been … Read More »

July Fourth Weekend

9 Jul

The month of July has started with a bang.  For fourth of July weekend (American Independence Day), my folks stopped in to visit us.  They were in Israel for my cousin Orit’s wedding.  Before the wedding, they spent a week … Read More »

Picture Albums from Israel

6 Jun

You can find postings of pictures of the trip, from various folks, below. I don’t know whether they require special access permissions, but enjoy. Bar Mitzvah Program (3.4mb) Video of Gabriel’s Torah Reading Mom and Dad’s Photos Sansom Photos Sharp … Read More »

Return from Israel

3 Jun

As with all my recent journeys to Israel, we stopped by Kibbutz Givat Haim to see the cemetary. My Saba Eliezar (aka Ludwig Friedlander), Savta Chay’la, Aunt Hagar, and Grandfather Tuvia are buried there. It is a very peaceful place … Read More »

The Galilee

1 Jun

The last portion of our trip to Israel was spent in the Galilee. Leora, Fred, Anne, David, and us stayed in some cottages in a village called Zippori. Each had a kitchen, living space, patio, private bedroom, bathroom with jaccuzzi … Read More »