Old Hat, New Techniques

22 Nov

As you all have read in the previous posting, we were recommended by our Neuro Oncologist at MD Anderson to treat the recurrence as a new tumor.  So, this week was going in and getting ready for starting Radiation and … Read More »

New Tumor Type

12 Nov

Susie has healed well over the last week.  She’s gotten her appetite back and has enjoyed seeing dear friends.  There was even a small gathering Saturday night that included a fire and lots of laughing.  The timing was perfect, as … Read More »

Successful Surgery

4 Nov

We are back in Austin, after a whirlwind week.  Susie did indeed have her surgery on the 30th of October.  Prior to the surgery, she met with Dr. Sawaya (Head of Neurosurgery) and Dr. Ferson (Anesthesiologist).  They explained the surgery … Read More »

Cancer Checkup (JUN-2012)

13 Jun

Just wanted to drop an email that Susie and I have returned from her yearly cancer check-up.  The appointment was not a home run.  In addition to reviewing her February car accident, we learned there is a small change in … Read More »

Looking forward to Summer

12 May

Well we have had a whirl wind of an April/ early May.  We joined my family in Connecticut for a long weekend to celebrate Pesach, went to the Callahan Rockport Beach House for Easter, Susie joined the Callahan women for … Read More »

Settling Down (97%)

6 Nov

We’ve hit November and what a whirlwind/ roller-coaster October was.  Susie had her surgery, to remove a tumor from her Parotid Gland, on Monday the 11th.  That first week was very challenging, but we got through it with lots of … Read More »

Cancer check-up and double-vision

6 Nov

Well our house has been a bit tense for the last month.  I know most folks would not know it from Susie going to Venice and us hosting our annual pumpkin carving party.  Nevertheless, Susie has been experiencing double-vision on … Read More »

Clean check-up

20 Feb

Susie and I returned this evening from her cancer check-up at the Royal Marsden Hospital. The short story is her MRI scans looked good (i.e. no changes).  So, Susie’s footloose and fancy for another year. On a side note, today … Read More »

Successful cancer checkup

23 Sep

Just wanted to let everyone know, Susie’s cancer checkup went well. We were in London last week and her MRI scans were unchanged. So, we’ll begin planning what to do the next six months. As to our last six months, … Read More »

Larry Mahlum

24 Aug

The last few days, I’ve been in San Diego. My good friend and former college roomate, Larry Mahlum, died. He had colotis which developed into colon cancer and matastasized throughout his body. I got to talk with him, briefly, before … Read More »