In Austin (90%)

23 Sep

Well, we are all in Austin.  We are staying with our dear friends, Ken, Lisa, Zoe and Phil.  The kids started school, Susie now is the proud owner of a Honda CR-V, and I’m hopping around the US (Tampa, Phoenix, … Read More »

Almost there (70%)

20 Aug

Well we’ve sold the Alfa, dismantled Gabriel’s bed and are almost set for the movers next week.  My office is still a mess and we have a few things still to sell (Gumtree Cambridge): – Portable Air Conditioner – Samsung … Read More »

Midway through the second half

16 Aug

Well we’ve begun the transition from Cambridge to Austin.  Our house is under contract, movers are scheduled (25-AUG), Gabriel has crossed the Atlantic, and Susie/ Pearl will follow on the 24th of August.  So, next weekend is the last weekend … Read More »

Spain and Coming Home!

2 Jul

Well it is beginning of July and I have been remiss on updating everyone in regards to our recent travels and news.  To start with we are going through a lot of changes.  My employer has recently been acquired.  Through … Read More »

Hiking in Northern England

28 Apr

While Susie and Pearl have been in Texas over the Easter break, Gabriel and I headed north to Cumbria and Northumberland.  Our first stop was the Lake District to hike Scafell Pike.  Gabriel’s friend Tumi and part of his family … Read More »

Bevo in Britain

2 Feb

As this morning is a bit odd, to say the least, this is going to be a strange posting.  To preface today’s oddity, the kids received iPod Touches for the winter holidays this year.  Therefore, Gabriel is no longer using … Read More »

Summer Birthdays

21 Jun

We had our yearly summer solstice/ birthday gathering.  As with the last two years, the weather did not feel very much like summer.  Nevertheless, most folks had jackets/ fleeces to combat the evening chill.  I expect the fire helped along … Read More »

Back from home

4 Jun

It is so strange to be back in England after spending time in the US.  We were in the States for two weeks.  It was a great time.  So much so, we felt the visit was too short.  I hope … Read More »

Sunny and Rainy Days

3 May

I’ve been doing a bit of traveling with work.  Most of which has been to Dublin and Prague.  This last week, I was in both cities.  Strangely enough, the weather was near identical (raining and cool).  I try to work … Read More »

Emergency budget in Ireland

11 Apr

I’m spending a good amount of time in Dublin.  Like in the US and UK, Ireland has been hard hit by the recession.  So much so, I feel the government and people are in a more difficult situation than most … Read More »

Ron and Lara’s Wedding

23 Jun

On the evening of Saturday the 14th, I joined Ronnie (my brother) and Lara (his fiancé) for their wedding at the Metroplitan Building in Queens. At around 4 PM, Ronnie and I took a cab there for family pictures. It … Read More »

Going to NYC

16 Jun

Over the father’s day weekend, I flew to NYC for my brother’s wedding. We had met Ronnie (aka Ron or Eran) and Lara in Israel for Gabriel’s wedding. Only I came. Susie and the kids remained in England. They were … Read More »