Touring Jerusalem

27 May

We checked into The Little House in the Colony in the evening. We met up with Leora and Fred and my parent’s friends, Rob and Marlyn Walker. While waiting for others to join, we went next door to a bar/ … Read More »

Climbing Masada

26 May

The next morning, Ronnie, Lara, my father, Gabriel and I woke up at 5 AM to drive to Masada and hike up the snake path. We arrived a little before sunrise. At dinner the night before, my mom said it … Read More »

Tel Aviv on the Med

25 May

We landed in Tel Aviv right on schedule. Susie and I planned our flights to come in around the time of our parents. Mom (Savta Yael) and Dad (Saba Paul) landed after us. Gabriel hid behind a column and surprised … Read More »

Banking capital of the world

24 May

Well we had an interesting time traveling to Israel. I had setup reservations with Swiss Airlines a few months back. When we arrived at Heathrow, the reservation was in place but the eTicket was not completed. Fortunately we arrived way … Read More »

Cornish Coast

8 Apr

We spent a few days in Cornwall checking out coastal towns like Newquay (pronounced New-Key for us Americans), Padstow, Boscastle, and Tintagel. Newquay is a bit of a surfers haven. It has a bunch of beaches and can get substantial … Read More »

Eden Project

6 Apr

The Eden Project was well worth the six hour journey to Cornwall. We were there all day and still didn’t see everything. I’m still looking through our guide book and wanting to journey back. Initially I was concerned the kids … Read More »


6 Apr

We spent the end of the week in Cornwall. We broke up the drive with a stop in Amesbury to see Stonehenge. Our National Trust membership had expired. So, we got an English Heritage membership. We’ll need to see five … Read More »

Pictures from Texas

3 Apr

We’ve uploaded pictures from Susie and Pearl’s visit to Texas. They are on Flickr. If you don’t have an account, ping me and I’ll send an invite. In the meantime, here’s a few:

A White Easter

23 Mar

Well it’s Easter today and snowing in Cambridge. We had rain, sleet, and snow flurries yesterday. Gabriel joked about how it gets cold enough to snow, but always warms up a bit for the precipitation to be rain. Today with … Read More »

Off to Tejas

7 Mar

Susie and Pearl left yesterday morning for Texas. Unfortunately, their plane did not make it. They were turned around about mid-way from JFK because of the snow storms hitting much of central United States. Susie called me about 8 PM … Read More »

Fuel costs in the UK

23 Jan

It’s interesting how expenses like food, fuel, and so on impact how one plans out their commute to the office, vacation destinations, and so on. We did this in the states to a lesser extent when planning a road trip … Read More »


1 Sep

Last week we went on holiday to northern Wales. On our way, we stopped at Ironbridge Gorge. It was a perfect detour into the industrial age past. Ironically, the bridge was created the same time the American colonies were fighting … Read More »