Hiking in Northern England

28 Apr

While Susie and Pearl have been in Texas over the Easter break, Gabriel and I headed north to Cumbria and Northumberland.  Our first stop was the Lake District to hike Scafell Pike.  Gabriel’s friend Tumi and part of his family … Read More »

Bevo in Britain

2 Feb

As this morning is a bit odd, to say the least, this is going to be a strange posting.  To preface today’s oddity, the kids received iPod Touches for the winter holidays this year.  Therefore, Gabriel is no longer using … Read More »

Summer Birthdays

21 Jun

We had our yearly summer solstice/ birthday gathering.  As with the last two years, the weather did not feel very much like summer.  Nevertheless, most folks had jackets/ fleeces to combat the evening chill.  I expect the fire helped along … Read More »

Back from home

4 Jun

It is so strange to be back in England after spending time in the US.  We were in the States for two weeks.  It was a great time.  So much so, we felt the visit was too short.  I hope … Read More »

Sunny and Rainy Days

3 May

I’ve been doing a bit of traveling with work.  Most of which has been to Dublin and Prague.  This last week, I was in both cities.  Strangely enough, the weather was near identical (raining and cool).  I try to work … Read More »

Ron and Lara’s Wedding

23 Jun

On the evening of Saturday the 14th, I joined Ronnie (my brother) and Lara (his fiancé) for their wedding at the Metroplitan Building in Queens. At around 4 PM, Ronnie and I took a cab there for family pictures. It … Read More »

Going to NYC

16 Jun

Over the father’s day weekend, I flew to NYC for my brother’s wedding. We had met Ronnie (aka Ron or Eran) and Lara in Israel for Gabriel’s wedding. Only I came. Susie and the kids remained in England. They were … Read More »

Picture Albums from Israel

6 Jun

You can find postings of pictures of the trip, from various folks, below. I don’t know whether they require special access permissions, but enjoy. Bar Mitzvah Program (3.4mb) Video of Gabriel’s Torah Reading Mom and Dad’s Photos Sansom Photos Sharp … Read More »

Return from Israel

3 Jun

As with all my recent journeys to Israel, we stopped by Kibbutz Givat Haim to see the cemetary. My Saba Eliezar (aka Ludwig Friedlander), Savta Chay’la, Aunt Hagar, and Grandfather Tuvia are buried there. It is a very peaceful place … Read More »

The Galilee

1 Jun

The last portion of our trip to Israel was spent in the Galilee. Leora, Fred, Anne, David, and us stayed in some cottages in a village called Zippori. Each had a kitchen, living space, patio, private bedroom, bathroom with jaccuzzi … Read More »