Right to Death

16 Nov

At the end of last month and into the first part of November, there was a lot of press coverage of Brittany Maynard‘s decision to die with dignity.  Susie and I discussed her decision and specifically thought about our dear … Read More »

All Hallow’s Eve

1 Nov

We have now crossed over into the 1st of November.  It is interesting how the end of October is now our transition cycle point as it was with the ancient Celts.  Instead of us preparing for winter with gathering in … Read More »

Shanah Tovah Tikatevu

4 Oct

The days of awe (Yamim Noraim) are coming to an end.  I have spent the last ten days thinking, mostly tossing and turning when trying to sleep.  One night I got little to no sleep at all.  Other nights, I … Read More »

A Two Spotted August

16 Aug

We are now at the middle of August and Susie has just returned from her two month neuro-oncologist appointment.  With the reduction of her anti-seizure medicine and getting a tube put in her left ear, she has been feeling better … Read More »

Still Walking

2 Aug

July has come and gone.  We are officially into August.  Looking back, it has been quite a roller-coaster month.  Susie’s left ear and fatigue continued to plague her.  She did all sorts of antibiotics and steroids to reduce inflammation or … Read More »

Memorial Day Weekend

30 May

We are at the end of May.  The weather in Austin has been quite unusual.  We had some very hot days and some very cool days.  In fact, the cool days were also wet.  Susie and I found ourselves breaking … Read More »

Happy Mother’s Day

14 May

Well it has been a bit of a roller coaster the last couple of weeks.  Susie joined the women in her family for the Annual Callahan Girls Weekend.  She skipped the Friday night party and drove up Saturday with Debbie … Read More »

Spring Forward (Half Year)

20 Apr

For the past six months, we’ve been managing life day by day and week by week.  This last week we met with Susie’s local Neuro Oncologist and Hematologist.  I’m happy to report  Susie’s MRI scans look good.  There is no … Read More »

Week 20 Rest

13 Apr

Susie has had a quiet week; no treatment and no doctor appointments.  She did come into Texas Oncology for some tests on Friday, but largely the week has been filled with good rest and relaxation.  The weather warmed up about … Read More »

Week 19 Escape

8 Apr

Last week started out on a low note, my Uncle Ed passed away unexpectedly.  We were quite surprised by the news and automatically started to plan on how to get to Boston for the funeral.  It took us a few … Read More »

Week 18 I Think I Can

30 Mar

Susie has reached the end of March.  It is hard to believe her treatment roller-coaster has been over four months long.  We were sitting in the infusion waiting room on Friday, and Susie was chatting with another woman.  This woman … Read More »

Week 17 Fatigue

22 Mar

We have officially passed from Winter into Spring.  Susie and I are enjoying our walks in the neighborhood.  The trees are in bloom.  There are flowers popping out of everywhere, even on our Rosemary plants.  Speaking of which, Susie seems … Read More »